The Wrights

It started with a belief in a better slice of bacon.

In 1922, Egbert Eggleston, his son Fay and son-in-law Roy Wright set out to create a thicker, fuller-flavored slice of bacon. And they did it the only way they knew how: with craftsmanship, commitment and a mouth-watering family recipe.

In the back of their small grocery store in Vernon, Texas, they hand-selected every pork belly and trimmed it to perfection. They cured it, smoked each piece over real hickory wood and hand trimmed every thick slice. When they finally tasted their handiwork, they knew their careful attention to detail had paid off. 

Vernon Truck

Quality becomes tradition.

Word of their special thick-cut bacon spread and the family business quickly grew. Wright® Brand meats were soon found in stores across the Southwest. Through it all, the family maintained complete control of how their bacon was made. Overseeing the process from beginning to end, they held every piece of bacon to their high standard of craftsmanship and care. 

Wright Brand History

One hundred years. One way of doing things.

The tradition of making bacon with care is still part of the family, passed down through generations to the family members working there today. It’s been decades since that first slab of bacon was trimmed in the back of that tiny grocery store, but you’ll still find the same thick-cut, naturally smoked bacon in every package. And we’ll keep doing it that way — with passion, pride and hard work. It may not be the fastest way to do it, or the easiest, but it’s our way. 

That's Bacon the Wright Way.™

Wright Brand History